Welcome to Rhode Island Motorcycle Association


President's message

WE AT RIMA WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT FOR OUR ANNUAL RIDE TO the Veterans Cemetery on Memorial day. The ride went off without a hitch even with almost 100 riders. To honor the men and women that gave all for the freedoms that we have is an honor for us every year. This year was no exception.
Now that the restrictions have been lifted we can all look forward to more of a normal lifestyle and more events that we can all ride to and enjoy. It has been a long time coming for all of us.
With my bike rebuilt over the winter the break in period has been a pleasure, just to be out and riding again. I look forward to seeing every one at the events that are starting again, Just check with the host of any event to make sure of the details before you go.
A special thanks to our Secretary Cam Bigelow who has been top of the agenda for existing legislation. Having reviewed over 2000 bills and still counting. As far as the Bills that were pending including the helmet bill, most are all on hold in the committees that they were in at this time. If any come back out we will inform everyone on our face book page what will need to be done.
The 3 wheel course and license bill came out of committee and was passed by the Senate on 5/18/2021. The companion bill was held in committee at this time until a second sub a bill for the 3 wheel license is herd also.
If you would like to be part of our organization and have a say in your rights and freedoms in Rhode Island just join us. By filling out the application on this sight. Encourage your friends and family to join, without you Rima would not be able to continue the fight for our freedoms. Thank you one and all.
At this time the next Rima meeting will be set for 7/20/2021 @ 7pm. 29 Armento street Johnston RI. Should we have to cancel or change back to Silvios I will post before the meeting.

Ride Safe- Ride Free
Paul Bond
Legislative Message
Thank you to everyone that sent in to the committees either for or against the Bills that Rima had an interest in. At this time most of the Bills are being held in committees with no movement yet towards coming out for a vote. The one exception is the 3 wheel course and license bill that was passed by the Senate on 5/18/2021. Now the companion bill in the House is being held at this time until an amended bill is herd and a decision on which one will be voted on.
Also passed was a Proclamation designating May as Motorcycle awareness month in the State of Rhode Island. Along with the road sign messages on the highway to remind drivers that our safety on the road should be primary to everyone.
Our secretary Cam Bigelow is on top of all legislation both old and new. He is doing a great job keeping up even though there were over 2000 bills that were introduced. Yes he looked at 2000 bills so far not a typo.
Should any bills that are presented need our attention old or new, we will ask for your help when the time comes.
Paul Bond
Other Notices and Comments