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President's message

Now that spring is here and the vaccine starting to be distributed we are a little bit closer to getting back to a new normal. Hopefully our riding will be safe and enjoyable with the good weather that is sure to come quickly.
I look forward to being back on the road and visiting everyone in 2021 at the events that will be back later in the year.
A special thanks to our Secretary Cam Bigelow who is on top of the agenda for existing legislation. Having reviewed more than 1200 Bills that were put into committees from 1/01/2020 to present. Some of which are of concern to Rima, A NEW HELMET BILL THAT WAS INTRODUCED FOR 2021 has been held for further study. Along with the SPEED CAMERA BILL on any State or local roads. This Bill was put into the House and Senate and was finally pulled by both sponsors after Rima response responded.
With the help of our membership contacting Committee members we hope to win our Freedom of Choice in defeating the bill if it goes to a vote. See our legislative message for more information and how and who to contact on these bills. Also Rima Facebook page.
If you would like to be part of our organization and have a say in your rights and freedoms in Rhode Island just join us. By filling out the application on this sight. Encourage your friends and family to join, without you Rima would not be able to continue the fight for our freedoms. Thank you one and all.
At this time the next Rima meeting will be set for 4/20/2021 @ 7pm. 29 Armento street Johnston RI. Should we have to cancel I will post before the meeting. Everyone stay as safe as possible until we meet again.

Ride Safe- Ride Free
Paul Bond
Legislative Message

The following are some of the issues we are involved in.
A HELMET BILL FOR EVERYONE TO WEAR A HELMET HOUSE BILL #5567 was heard in the Judiciary committee on 3/03/2021. I testified and with the help of the many emails that were sent in by everyone to the clerk of the committee. The bill was held for further study.
Lets keep working together to keep freedom of choice for helmets instead of having mandatory regulations put upon us.
With the State House closed to the public Rima needed everyone to email the clerk to voice your freedom of choice on the Helmet issue.
Thank you everyone that sent in there email without them the bill could have passed the committee.
Rima is working closely with Ridot, CCRI, and Our legislators to introduce a bill for a Tryke license. There is no course available in RI. at this time. We are looking at changing this problem for all who want to or need to ride a 3 wheeled motorcycle. The Bill was heard on 3/03/202House Bill # 5380 in the Judiciary committee. After my testimony the Bill was held in committee for further study.
RIMA is also working on the Trade in credit for motorcycles in R.I. At this time there is no credit for a trade in, as far as sales tax is concerned you pay on the sales price. A Bill was introduced on 02/18/2021 Senate Bill #298 no hearing set yet.
Rima Has a Petition for the Trade in tax on line at our web sight that we urge everyone to sign. The more signatures that we can bring to the Statehouse the better the chances are that we can be successful.
You can only sign once, If you have already signed a paper Petition than do not sign the one on line.
The parking bill for motorcycles at the state house is being looked into, The old bill needed to be reviewed every 5 years and it is up.
A Bill for automated traffic speed enforcement was put to the judiciary committee on 1/19/2021 Bill Number Senate# 64. This Bill calls for speed cameras on any and all state and local roads in Rhode Island. At this time the cameras are set up only around school zones. See our Rima Facebook page for information on who sponsored the bill and how to email them. Update on this Bill is that it was pulled on both sides so no hearing is set at this time. Rima did respond to each clerk that we were not in favor of the bill.
Great job by all who sent emails in opposed to the helmet bill. If we keep working together we can keep our freedom of choice.
Should the helmet Bill come back out of committee to be heard again or sent to the Senate side to be heard we will notify everyone. Then I will have to testify again and with more emails from everyone we have a good chance to win again.
Go to Rima Facebook page for names and email address of who to contact on what bill. Lets work together for our freedoms.

Paul Bond
Other Notices and Comments