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President's message
Now that we have made it through the Summer and Labor Day. The Fall season affords some of the best riding of the year in New England.
Of course this presents different riding problems for safety, leaves , wet roads, deer moving more. Along with drivers not paying attention even more than usual. We all need to be at our best in order to stay as safe as possible. Your safety is in your hands as it always is.
Having the restrictions still in place in Rhode Island makes gathering for all of us limited at best. One of the unfortunate and sad outcomes for Rima and the children that count on our Toys For Tots Charity Ride, is that we will have to cancel the ride for this year.
This is the first time that we have had to cancel. Along with permits that are not being issued there will not be a pickup for the toys. The Marines are unable to spearhead the pickup with the conditions in our country at this time.
Hopefully next year we will be able to have our run again.
We at RIMA are looking into alternate ways that we may be able to do something this fall.
We will notify everyone when we an alternative solution is reached.
Thank you all for the help and support for our run all of these years. As far as the legislative agenda is concerned the Budget is the top priority at the Statehouse. All of the Legislation that Rima testified on and was concerned with is on hold.
Thanks to our Secretary Cam Bigelow who is on top of the agenda for existing and pending Bills.
Cam keeps a close eye on legislation so that nothing is missed. A job well done.
Any legislation that should come up that needs our attention we will keep everyone informed and ask for your help as needed.
Thanks to Nick Niquette our webmaster who after many years put together this new website for us to use and enjoy. Thank you for a job well done.
Octobers meeting will be on 10/20/2020 at Us Vets MC clubhouse 29 Armento street Johnston R.I. 7pm.

Ride Safe- Ride Free
Paul Bond
Legislative Message
All legislation that was pending is still pending. With the State House on a limited agenda the budget will be top priority.
Cam Bigelow Our Secretary is keeping up with day to day updates.When the State House opens again Committee hearings will look at pending Bills, At this time there is no date for hearing bills
When the session starts again the Budget will be the top priority on the agenda.Many of the bills that were pending may not come out of committee at first. Some may not come out at all. Should bills that concern us be herd our Secretary Cam Bigelow with his diligence will keep us informed.
The following are some of the issues we are involved in.
A Helmet Bill for everyone to wear a helmet was introduced on 2/27/20. Bill S2700. With no hearing set at this time we can make a difference to the outcome by contacting the Judiciary committee . Without your input at the Statehouse my testimony will be less effective.
Lets work together to keep freedom of choice for helmets instead of having mandatory regulations put upon us.
Rima is working closely with Ridot, CCRI, and Our legislators to introduce a bill for a Tryke license. There is no course available in RI. at this time. We are looking at changing this problem for all who want to or need to ride a 3 wheeled motorcycle. The Bill is in on the Democratic side[BILL H7353].The Bill is in committee with a hearing date of 3/03/20. After testimony in the House and The Senate both were held in committee.
RIMA is also working on the Trade in credit for motorcycles in R.I. At this time there is no credit for a trade in, as far as sales tax is concerned you pay on the sales price.
Bill 7373 was put in for the tax trade in credit but it also included credit for trucks under 8100 lbs.This bill is on the Democratic side and in committee not scheduled for a Hearing yet.A bill will be put in on the Senate side for motorcycles sales tax credit only on bikes not including trucks.
Rima Has a Petition for the Trade in tax on line at our web sight that we urge everyone to sign. The more signatures that we can bring to the Statehouse the better the chances are that we can be successful.
You can only sign once, If you have already signed a paper Petition than do not sign the one on line.
The parking bill for motorcycles at the state house is being looked into, The old bill needed to be reviewed every 5 years and it is up.
Bill H-7212 A bill relating to Motor Vehicle Lighting. This Bill would limit illumination of Car and motorcycle stock headlights to what was stock at the time of manufacture.After Talking to the sponsor we worked out that all stock motorcycle headlights can be updated to the present standards of the day.
During my testimony the updated standard was now part of the change that we agreed to. The bill is now in committee being held for further study. We will keep everyone updated.
The final Bill that was entered is H7758 Lane Splitting for motorcycles.There is no hearing date set.
With the State House concentrating on the Budget there is no interest for any of Bills that are pending. Should there be any changes we will notify everyone with updates as we find out.

Paul Bond
Other Notices and Comments