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President's message
As we go into September and October some of the best weather for riding is still in front of us. Which will make for a great TOYS FOR TOTS run again this year. Last year Rima did a drop off instead of our traditional run. This year October 17 2021 will be our traditional run which was started in 1978 by RIMA. The run will start promptly at 11 am at CCRI in Lincoln RI. Ending at Niantic Ave. Providence RI. We look forward to seeing everyone again this year. There is no charge just bring a toy for a child. The US Marine reserves will be there to collect the toys for the local children and distribute them in time for Christmas.

The Bill for the Three wheeled Motorcycle course and license was passed by the house and Senate. With all of the eyes dotted and the tees crossed, the Governor signed the bill into law on July 14, 2021. A special thanks to all of Rima's friends in the House and Senate who backed the Bill. With the session out for now we will keep a close eye for any special sessions that may come up.

The purpose of Rima is to make sure that the rights of motorcyclists in Rhode Island are fair and equitable for all who ride here. With the support of our members and our vigilance we have made great progress in the last few years. Not just fighting the Freedom of choice helmet issue, but a variety of legislation both good and bad for bikers. Rima was instrumental in re-introducing the 3-wheel motorcycle course and license bill this year. It was passed and signed into law by the Governor on 7/14/2021. Without Rima there is no unified voice in Rhode Island to fight for what is right for motorcyclist in our state.

If you would like to be part of our organization and have a say in your rights and freedoms in Rhode Island just join us, by filling out the application on this sight. Encourage your friends and family to join. Without you, Rima would not be able to continue the fight for our freedoms. Thank you one and all.

At this time the next Rima meeting will be set for 10/19/2021 @ 7pm, at 29 Armento street Johnston RI.

Ride Safe- Ride Free
Paul Bond
Legislative Message
The *Jan. 2021* Regular Session "Opened" Tuesday, Jan. 5th.
Initial Bill "Introductions" began Jan 8th -- Jan 11th. I began reviewing Bills
introduced at that time in both the House and Senate. By the Close of the
Session on July 1st; RIMA had reviewed the faceplates of 1,493 House Bills
and 1,005 Senate Bills. It was a very busy Session.

A Summary " Status" Review of Bills that the RIMA either initiated,
supported, and/or opposed during the course of the Session:

*A BIG Success!* = *3 Wheel Licensing Bill*. It was signed by the Governor
on July 14th. RIMA brought the initiative forward and is grateful to
our President, Officers, Legislative Sponsors and Members for helping to
secure its passage. *Thanks to All!*

*A Successful "Defeat" = The Helmet Bill*. It was "Held" for further study
after an initial Hearing on March 3rd. *No* further action was taken during
this Session. *Thanks *to all of the RIMA members for submitting testimony
Opposed to the Helmet Bill!

*A Successful "Go Away!" = Traffic Camera Bill. *This Bill was "Heard" in
early March. RIMA weighed in with written testimony and direct sponsor
contacts. The House Bill was *"withdrawn". *The Senate Bill was "*postponed".
*A "*go away and don't come back* success!!

*We "Tried Again" But...Trade In Tax *Bill. But, it did not "Move" during
the Session despite RIMA's efforts to bring equity to the motorcycle "trade
in" tax. It was "Heard" in the Senate on March 11th -- and *NO* further
action was taken during the Session. It will be a focused initiative of the
RIMA again next year.

*A RIMA Proclamation Bill *-- A House Resolution; proclaiming May as
Awareness Mouth* -- it was "Read + Passed" on May 4th, 2021.

The Regular Session was gaveled to a Close on July 1st. 2021. A Special
"Fall" Session might be called to handle unresolved hot button issues.
Otherwise, the next Regular Session will begin on the first Tuesday in Jan.
2022. Hopefully, as in years past, the RIMA will "Snow Ball" the State
House *in person* -- meeting legislators, friends and supporters-- to
remind them that the RIMA is strong, freedom loving and ever vigilant in
its efforts to protect and expand Motorcyclists' rights in R.I.

Stay Well. Ride Safely --
Cam B., RIMA Secretary

Other Notices and Comments