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Who can Join?

We invite anybody interested in the issues and topics we focus our efforts on to join. Members are not required to ride any specific type of motorcycle. Members do not need to own a bike. If you have owned one in the past, or are getting ready to ride again. Family Memberships are available as well as single. It's not about what you ride

Why Join?

Since 1974 The Rhode Island Motorcycle Association (RIMA), formerly ABATE of Rhode Island, has existed to protect your freedom. Our strength is in numbers and we need your support. Below is a short list of what RIMA has done for you, please ask yourself what you can do for RIMA

  • Rima was key in getting the Motorcycle Trade In Tax Exemption in 2022
  • Rima helped get the 3 Wheeled motorcycle license passed in 2021
  • Rima fought legislation to require helmets in 2021
  • Rima helped and was successful in getting the Traffic Camera Bill squashed in 2021
  • Also 2018/2019 Proclamation for May as Motorcycle Awareness month passed in R.I. with the help of our Reps.
  • Rima testified for freedom of choice optional for Riders to wear helmets in 2018
  • We spearheaded lobbying efforts which resulted in a 2013 amendment to RI Statute 31-15 and 31-17 which increased the fines and penalties for violating another's right-of-way; we have received national recognition for this success.
  • We lobbied for motorcycle parking and won resulting in designated parking spots at state, city, and town buildings.
  • We were pioneers in providing Rider Education in 1980 and continue to work at improving the program today.
  • We were instrumental in the mandatory helmet law repeal in 1976.
What are the benefits of joining RIMA?

Become a RIMA member and amplify your voice with fellow RIMA members and our legislative lobbyists.

Other benefits include:

  • Members receive a Membership Package containing a welcome letter, membership card, and patch (new members). 2 1/2 x 5 1/4 patch.
  • RIMA Email News and Action Alerts (see also "What is in the newsletter)
  • Dedicated Lobbyists Fighting for Your Freedom and Rights
  • Complimentary Death and Dismemberment Insurance through AIL
  • Discounts to Member Businesses
What is in the newsletter?

Interested in learning more on Legislation and what's happening on the local and national level regarding motorcycle rights? There's no better way than to receive our newsletter.

Buddy, our editor/treasurer, and former president of RIMA, puts together our newsletter.

Published bi-monthly, Buddy searches the internet for everything that might interest us. Besides RI State issues, he includes what's happening locally like local ordinances in various cities and towns.

He also includes excerpts from the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF).

How much does it cost to Join?

$35 for a single membership and $40 for a family membership, good for one year. $5.00 per member is donated to Rhode Island Motorcycle PAC to support motorcyclist rights.

How can I Join?

Follow the Join button to select your membership type, enter your contact information, and submit your payment via PayPal. If you're not a PayPal account holder, they will accept your credit card information. Be sure to return to us or your membership will not be complete.

You can also download our pdf application and mail that in with your payment. Click Here for a PDF version

Do you have meetings?

We do. The General and Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. Check the President's message on the home page for meeting time and location.

Who can become a board member?

You can become a board member by becoming a member and attending 3 consecutive board meetings. Be sure to let the board know you are interested. Miss 3 consecutive board meetings and your off. Certain exceptions allowed.

What is the Helmet requirement in Rhode Island?

31-10.1-6 Passenger required. 31-10.1-4,31-10.1-1 Any operator under the age of twenty-one (21) shall wear a helmet of a type approved by the administrator of motor vehicles. In addition, all new operators, regardless of age, shall be required, for a period of one year from the date of issuance of the first license pursuant to 31-10.1-1, to wear a helmet of a type approved by said administrator

Last know fine was $35

What is the law for Handlebars?

31-10.1-5 No person shall operate on a highway or in any parking area for ten (10) or more motor vehicles, any motorcycle, motor scooter, or motor driven cycle equipped with handlebars that are more than fifteen inches (15") in height above the uppermost portion of the seat when depressed by the weight of the operator.

What is the eye protection requirement?

31-10.1-4 Operators of motorcycles, motor scooters, and motor-driven cycles shall use eye protection of a type approved by the administrator of the division of motor vehicles when operating their vehicles on streets and highways

Where can I find RI State Laws?
You folks are doing a great job. I don't wish to join at this time, can I donate?

Absolutely, you can send a check or money order to our address on the contact page. You can send a payment via paypal to paypal@rimotorcycle.com. coming soon, Donate button from paypal

What happens when you wait and wait and the light will not turn green?

Traffic signal sensors that don't detect motorcycles (because they are weight activated) are one of the dangers of riding that most people in cars never become aware of while sitting at red lights. If you encounter one of these signals, take note of where it is and call to have it corrected. The numbers are listed below in "Pot Holes".

Where do I report Pot Holes or other dangerous road conditions?

Make a call! Make a difference! Report the lights and potholes to Rhode Island Road's Dispatch number: 401-222-2378, or RIDOT's Customer Service Office: 401-222-2450. You can also email: dot.customerservice@dot.ri.gov

How do I know if I'm on a state, city, or town road?

Rhode Island State road map, Click here For issues with Cities and towns, visit there website. click here

Do you use cookies on your site and what is your policy?

We only use cookies if you are a member and login to this site. The cookie is used to keep you logged in, so you do not need to log in each page.