Rhode Island Motorcycle Association

Also known as RIMA was founded in 1974

Our Mission:

The Rhode Island Motorcycle Association is a grassroots organization dedicated to the "Freedom of the Road" and protecting the Rider's Interest.

RIMA has an active presence at the Rhode Island State House and works proactively to ensure that the legislative process moves forward in the best interest of motorcyclists.

RIMA aims to provide a strong unified voice for the motorcyclists of Rhode Island. We fight to protect your Rights and safety and to raise awareness through education.

RIMA is a non-profit public advocacy group that is dedicated to protecting rider's interest in areas in such as highway safety, personal liberty, law enforcement, health care, and discrimination. We also believe that efforts should be spent on crash prevention instead of crashing safety.

There are scores of actions that each of us can take to improve our health, increase our longevity, and prevent personal injury or catastrophe.  The question is, are those decisions and choices that we as free people should be allowed to make?  Or, are we to give up these rights and accept the dictates of a patronizing government, who's collective wisdom suggests we, as individuals, are incapable of setting our own priorities and taking control of our lives. We hope this introduction has given you a better understanding of our organization.

Dedicated to Safety & Education:

Please feel free to explore our site and be sure to visit us often for updates on issues and information important to you as motorcyclists. Better yet, become a member and share our efforts and rewards.