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Rhode Island Motorcycle Association Trade In Petition:

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We, the undersigned residents and taxpayers of the State of Rhode Island, strongly support legislative efforts to remedy the current unfair taxation of motorcycles when they are traded in as part of a purchase of another motorcycle.

Background info: As taxation law stands in R.I. today, anyone trading in a motorcycle does NOT receive credit for the value of their trade in in terms of taxation. Unfaily, you are taxed on the full value of your purchase, new or used.


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Why do you need all this information?
We will only be using your First name, last name and city for the petition. The rest we collect to verify the accuracy should the signatures need validation.

I gave my email address, will I be added to a mailing list?
No. If you would like to be added to our mailing list or whish to join, please visit our website at RIMotorcycle.com

Can I sign a paper petition?
Yes, Visit us at the RIMA booth at the Toys For Tots Event, see the events page
RIMA will be at the 2nd Annual Saddlebags for Soldiers, see the events page.
Visit any Rhode Island Harley Dealership, Precision or Ocean State

Can I sign more than once, or both a paper petition and online?
No, Please only sign once and only one or the other.

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