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Welcome to Rhode Island Motorcycle Association


President's message
Now that the weather has turned in our favor for riding this year I look forward to summer and fall. We all need
to be extra careful and aware of our surroundings while riding this time of year. Drivers are so distracted and
are not looking out for motorcycles that it is up to us to be aware at all times. One example is the following:
Memorial Day this year I was run off the road on I95 by a driver on purpose by him. I kept it up and made out ok.
Another is my stepson Alex went down on the 610 connector when a car in front of him slammed on the brakes
and came to a complete stop. He went down cracked ribs, bruises etc. Girlfriend needed surgery for her hand
Rods and pins etc. It is like there is a full moon every day effecting everyone on the road.
Just a reminder to everyone be aware and be safe the life you save may be your own.
Without RIMA there would not be a unified voice for motorcycle riders at the State House. Thank you to all of our members past and present for your support. Together we make a difference for safety education and legislation in R.I. We look forward to another 50 years of success.
Our success depends on you JOIN RIMA TODAY help us help you.
Our next Rima meeting is Monday 8/19/2024 at 7pm.
2 Legion way West Warwick RI
Ride safe Ride Free
Paul Bond
President/ RIMA

Legislative Message
Legislative Update 6/09/24.
My Notes:
As the RI 2024 Legislative Assembly rushes to a planned close (on Thurs. 6/13), the RIMA is closely monitoring ALL final Committee Sessions; final Bill Introductions; and any Status Changes to Bills that RIMA has provided Testimony.

I have begun drafting my final comprehensive report on the 2024 Session, and will provide the report to RIMA members at the next monthly meeting on Mon 6/17.
If questions about a Bill -- the Process, Bill Text, Response Procedures, etc., just contact me at:

(401) 742 2560 (text = ok)
Other Notices and Comments

My wife Anita and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! to all of the RIMA Board Members and RIMA Members in attendance at last night's Meeting.

Your kindness and generosity are most deeply appreciated!
Cam + Anita Bigelow