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Myrtle Beach Bike Week

There might be some confusion on just what is going on with the MB spring rally.
First, the "City of Myrtle Beach SC" Is only a small part of what is known as the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand which is about 60 miles of beautiful ocean beaches, from the North Carolina border to Georgetown SC. For the most part the entire area of the Grand Strand is CALLED Myrtle Beach, but it is actually made up of several different Jurisdictions: County, Cities, and Towns. Most all of the motorcycle events for the May rallies are in the County and the "City of North Myrtle Beach" Not the "City of Myrtle Beach"

Some of the older retired transplants (The money people) complained to the Mayor and City Council of "Myrtle Beach City" about the Bikers in May, So the Mayor and CC came up with about 15 really stupid ordnance's to keep the motorcycles out of "Myrtle Beach City" ( There are several law suits in the Courts at present challenging the the ordnance's and they are expected to be overturned)

As a result of what "Myrtle Beach City" has done, there is now a boycott on the City by the Biker community and MANY of the local residents that welcome the bikers and don't agree with what the Mayor and CC has done.  The 2009 May rally has not been canceled, it's only the "City of Myrtle Beach" trying to get out their propaganda and making it sound like the rally has been canceled, the truth is "Myrtle Beach City" has never sponsored or promoted the Spring or Fall rallies... Spread the word.......Doug




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