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President's Message:


Thanks to everyone that came to our Toys For Tots Run on 10/21/18 your generosity made the run a success for the children .
On Nov. 6 2018 it is time to vote: Last year we had a Helmet bill that was introduced that we had to defend in order to allow freedom of choice for the rider. With more rider deaths this year than last we expect to defend choice again . Commercials have been added Promoting the wearing of helmets by everyone .
We at RIMA still promote freedom of choice for the wearing of helmets.We had a lot of support last year from Representatives that agreed to support us. The following is a list of who we need to support by voting for them .
Speaker Nicholas Mattiello
Rep. David Bennett District 20
Senator Dominik Ruggerio District 4
Rep. Robert Quattrocchi District 41
Rep. Arthur Corvese District 55
Senator Stephen Archambault District 22
Majority leader K. Joseph Shekarchi
Rep. Robert Lancia District 16
This is a partial list but an important one , make sure to share this list with Family and Friends. Help us to Help you make your own decisions. VOTE on 11/06/18

Our meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at Silvios's Restaurant 133 Greenville Ave Johnston R.I.

Paul Bond

Legislative Message:


When the legislative session ended this spring with the help of our friends at the statehouse we were able to keep our freedom of choice.
With our help when we vote on 11/06/18 lets keep our friends where they belong and vote for them . Which in turn is a vote for your own freedom .
The legislative session starts 1/01/19 when Rima shows up at the beginning of the session to show our concern for what Bills may be proposed .
We call this a start of session our SNOWBALL , to show that we are concerned about our rights.The more bikers that show up the better chance we have of keeping our freedoms that we enjoy.If you would like to show your support contact us at Rima and come to the snowball .
Paul Bond

Membership Message:


Did you know you get a variety of Benefits just by being a RIMA Member?

RIMA Member Benefits:

* Member-to-Member Discount Program: Get discounts at Member Businesses
* Free Postings on the RIMA Online Member Classifieds
* Complimentary AIL Death and Dismemberment Insurance: Pays $4,000 for accidental death and up to $2,000 for accidental dismemberment
* Get RIMA E-Mail News and Action Alerts: Stay up to date on motorcycle news including legislation, safety, and education.
* Access to the RIMA Event Calendar: Post your charitable event for free on the RIMA website or in the bi-monthly newsletter. Also, don't miss out on big events! The RIMA bi-monthly newsletter events calendar has exclusive listings.
*** Your Annual Membership Dues Provide Funding that Keeps RIMA Running and Supports our Dedicated Lobbyists that Fight for Your Rights and Freedom in the RI State House.

To get full details on these benefits, just log into your account and read all the info on the Members Page,

Thanks for Your Support
Bob Camara Sr
Membership Director and Vice President


Need roadside assisitance, place a white bandana on mirror to let members know you need assistance.

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