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President's Message:

The next RIMA meeting will be held on November 21 starting at 7pm. Call for location.

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* Member-to-Member Discount Program: Get discounts at Member Businesses
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*** Your Annual Membership Dues Provide Funding that Keeps RIMA Running and Supports our Dedicated Lobbyists that Fight for Your Rights and Freedom in the RI State House.

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Bob Camara Sr
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Legislative Message:

The Rhode Island legislative session is in full swing. The motorcycle sale tax bill has been introduced to both the House (H5282) and the Senate (S0528) and would exempt the trade-in values of motorcycles from sales tax. RIMA fully supports the passing of this legislation. As it stands now, if you trade-in your motorcycle and purchase a new one, you pay tax on the full purchase price of the new bike. The bike you trade-in will be resold and, again, the state will make money off the sales tax. This is essentially double taxation. The trade-in tax exemption is standard for passenger vehicles, and H5282 and S0528, if passed, would create an equivalent tax structure for the two personal vehicle types. We urge you to call your Representative and Senator to express your support of these bills, both of which have been referred to their respective Finance Committee. To find the contact info for your legislators go here: https://vote.sos.ri.gov/ or call 401-222-2340.

There are a couple other bills that are of interest to motorcyclists. House bill H5689 would permit motorcycle operators to operate in the space between lanes while approaching traffic lights on multi-lane roads. This bill if passed would allow you to position yourself between lanes/cars at red lights thus reducing the risk of getting rear ended and reducing traffic congestion. This bill has been held for further study, which basically means it will not see the light of day again in 2017. Even so, if you support this measure, we encourage you to contact your legislators and tell them so.

There are also texting and hands-free driving bills in the House (H5150 and H5152 and H5182).

Did you know that you can read all of the proposed legislation online? Here is the general Legislation webpage:


If you have a topic that you are interested in you can search for it here:


Democracy is all about taking an active role in shaping the society that we live in. Use the above


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