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President's Message:

Spring is over, summer riding season is on. With the end of Laconia we hope that everyone who went had a good time. As always our roads are full of pot holes, I found one that blew the top of my front shock out. After a quick fix I was still able to make the Veterans Memorial Run to the Veterans Cemetery on Memorial Day. This was one of the largest ever, with at least 112 participants. Thank you to all that attended to honor our Veterans Past and present.

Again this year May was designated as Motorcycle Awareness Month in R.I. The road signs have messages about safety for Motorcyclists that will continue through the summer, reminding drivers that we are there and to share the road with us. Since distracted drivers are still one of our biggest dangers we all hope the electronic messages will save lives.

The news from New Hampshire regarding the death of 7 motorcyclists was devastating. The Rhode Island Motorcycle Association sends our thoughts and prayers to the friends of families of all those involved.
Here in Rhode Island we especially grieve for the loss of one of our own, Mr. Daniel (Danny Boy) Pereirra of Riverside, RI. Danny was a proud Marine and a member of the Jarheads MC. He and the others gave everything while in service to their community and we lay them to rest as heroes that we shall never forget.
We pray that those still in the hospital fully recover. It is important that the focus now is on those that are grieving and how we as a community move forward after such an event. All news reports on the New Hampshire incident point to fault lying with the driver of the truck. Now is not a time for regulators and the media to push a narrative regarding what the riders could have done differently or how safety gear and apparel would have changed this senseless tragedy. The investigation should center on the facts of this specific incident and those responsible should be held accountable.
We thank both the good Samaritans and first responders for their selfless courage and dedication in attending to the victims. As we move into the summer riding season, please look out for our fellow brothers and sisters on the road, take a moment to reflect on how precious our safety and freedom actually is. (parts of this borrowed from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation 6-28-19).

Our next meeting will be on 7/16/2019 7:00 pm at SILVIOS Restaurant, located at 133 Greenville Ave. Johnston R.I.

The Toys for Tots Run will be held on October 6, 2019. KSU is 11am sharp, leaving from the Community College of RI in Lincoln. We have a new ending site for the collection point this year, 150 Niantic Avenue in Providence, where the Marine Corps Reserve will collect the toy donations (new unwrapped toys please). This site offers both outdoor and indoor facilities so weather will play less a factor moving forward. RIMA looks forward to seeing everyone support this and the many other events this season.

Ride Safe
Paul Bond, President

Legislative Message:


The legislative Session for 2019 is over until January 2020. there were no last minute bills that were introduced that we needed to worry about.
I would like to thank everyone that kept track of the bills that were introduced during the last session. Without your help at the State House and on line keeping up would be next to impossible.
RIMA is working on the Trade in credit for motorcycles in R.I. At this time there is no credit for a trade in, as far as tax is concerned you pay on the sales price. We are working with LT. Governor Daniel McKee towards legislation for the trade in credit.
Although the Bill has been introduced for years there has not been enough backing to be successful.We hope to change that for the upcoming session.
We are also setting a meeting with the head of RIDOT in order to discuss how they can make Riding in R.I. safer for all of us.
The parking bill for motorcycles at the state house will be addressed at the next session. The old bill needed to be reviewed every 5 years and it is up.
Rep. David Bennett and I discussed doing this next session as well as having his backing for the trade in credit.He is on board for both issues.

Paul Bond

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Bob Camara Sr
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